Saturday, May 28, 2022

Extortion epidemic engulfs Peshawar, after Karachi


PESHAWAR: The epidemic of demanding extortion seems to now reach Peshawar after playing havoc in Karachi.

ARY News has found the CCTV footage of a blast outside the house of a person who refused to pay amount demanded by the extortionists.

According to details, the CCTV footage of the placement of explosive material outside the house of a trader and later the blowing off of that material was received to ARY News earlier today.

It can be seen through the footage that 2 miscreants wrapped in a shawl come outside the house of the trader on a motorbike and place the bomb. Which explodes after a few seconds, while, the culprits manage a clean get away from the scene.

The house of the trader was partially damaged due the blast.

According to police, over the refusal from paying the extortion sum, blasts have been carried out outside the houses of almost 28 traders so far.


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