Monday, March 27, 2023

Extremist group declares Rs0.5 million bounty for Sidhu’s head


As NewsX reported, Bajrang Dal, a religious militant organisation in India, has announced Rs0.5 million reward to anyone who will behead the former cricketer and Punjab Cabinet Minister Navjot Singh Sidhu.

Enraged over Sidhu’s presence at  PTI chief Imran Khan’s oath-taking ceremony in Pakistan, Bajrang Dal Agra District President, Sanjay Jaat, was seen announcing the reward for Sidhu’s head in a video clip that has gone viral on the social media lately.

Bajrang Dal also expressed displeasure over the hugs Sidhu had given to the Pakistani officials.

In the video clip, Sanjay Jaat was holding a cheque worth Rs0.5 million and proclaimed the money as a reward for Sidhu’s beheading. He further demanded to slam the Punjab Congress leader with treason charges as his act was unforgivable which irked the sentiments of those who sacrificed their life for India, he snapped.

Bajrang Dal leader added that people of Agra will greet Sidhu with shoes if he ever attempts to visit here.

Sidhu has come under fire from his countrymen and colleagues after attending Imran’s oath taking ceremony in Pakistan.

Addressing the controversy, Navjot Singh Sidhu said that he received the invitation from Pakistan some 10 times and later he sought permission from the Indian government to visit the neighbouring nation


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