Fact Check: What is monkeypox virus & should Pakistan fear it?

Since early May, the news of monkeypox outbreak across Europe and America have got people fearing if the world was looking at yet another pandemic outbreak. That’s when the COVID-19 has barely let it breathe. But no, there have not been any cases in Pakistan, as rumored.

A viral infection– much like Covid, however not a threat to your respiratory system– monkeypox is from smallpox and cowpox family and once contracted it can cause, lesions, rashes, fever, headache, muscle aches, lymph nodes inflammation, etc.

Dr Faisal Mahmood, the section head of Infectious Diseases at Aga Khan University Hospital spoke to ARY News and reassured the rumors around it are insignificant. However, he cautioned that should an infected person comes in your proximity, the virus could spread through the “close contact with their lesions”.

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It can also spread through the air if the person is close and that for a longer period of time, he said.

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Dr Rana Jawad Asghar, senior epidemiologist told ARY News that the precautions taken in COVID times can also protect against monkeypox virus should it erupt in Pakistan as well.

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