Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Fahad Mustafa, Faysal Qureshi voice support for Sahir Lodhi


At a time when Sahir Lodhi’s silver screen debut is being discussed everywhere for some of the bloggers and reviewers crossed their limits and even termed his fans ‘cheap’, renowned actors Fahad Mustafa and Sahir Lodhi voiced their support for the host-turned actor.


Faysal Qureshi, in his ARY Zindagi morning show ‘Salam Zindagi’, exclaimed that how educated and sophisticated critics can launch personal attacks on someone for making a movie or trying to show his acting talent.

“You can criticise a film, you can criticise someone’s work but some people have gone to the extent that they are advising him to die, they are writing that he should have died before making such a movie, this sort of criticism is painful,” said the television star.

Apparently supporting Lodhi in his battle against such classist criticism, Fahad Mustafa too praised Lodhi on his foray into the filming world and said that “he actually looked like a hero”, adding that few succeed to look like a real hero on silver screen.

“Sahir is our hero… Sahir I pray for you, may God grant you success,” Mustafa famed while hosting his famed ‘Jeeto Pakistan’ show.

Such classist remarks were passed about Sahir Lodhi’s movie




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