Monday, August 15, 2022

In Photos: Faiza Saleem is the coolest bride ever for all the right reasons!


We have seen top notch celebrities getting married across the world, in gigantic ceremonies, clad in outright exquisite outfits, throughout the year 2018. Albeit not being much of a mainstream celebrity, the Parchi sensation, Faiza Saleem has just gotten married a few days back and her entire ceremony is an astonishing affair for all the right reasons.

One of the very few female comedians of the country has had her dholki amid her best friends and family in a fabulous affair.

And her super cute bridal shower is no less.

With all these fun poses, Faiza tarnishes the age-old stereotypes about the bride being shy and reserved.

On the day of her Mehndi, she comes to the stage with her spouse in a style you must have never witnessed!

In spite of being the bubbliest bride, she looks absolutely sleek in traditional attire.

Her best buddies, incorporating the stunning, Mansha Pasha and the philanthropist, Jibran Nasir pose with her in a customized frame.

Here’s a photo of the bride with her comedy clan, all looking absolutely on point.

Faiza and her better half, Abuzer, show some adroit dance steps with a consistent smile on their faces.

And perform some traditional Mehndi rituals.

Actress Mansha Pasha looks gorgeous on her best friend’s Mehndi. Just look at this photo if you don’t believe us!

She leads the pack of her squad for a dance performance on the well celebrated “Billo De Ghar.”

Guess who joins her! We’re sure you would have never seen this version of Jibran!

You will surely get awestruck with this performance!

Secretly praying this duo to show up on your Mehndi? We too!

Then comes the day of her wedding and she walks the aisle with her girl squad, donned in a beauteous traditional outfit.

If the catchphrase “made for each other” does not depict this couple, we don’t really know its meaning anymore!

The newlywed bride carries such a heavy dress with complete mastery!

Here’s the best photograph from her entire wedding with a loud, blunt and clear message! Her husband, Abuzer sits in a chair with a mini sewing machine while she stands beside him.

Not just this photo or the couple of photos or videos we have posted earlier delineate how different of a wedding she has had. The entire festivity from coming to the venue in sneakers, to showing up with her husband in style truly shows that she has got no room for the naysayers.

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Moreover, the cutie has also posted a moving yet heartfelt note on her Instagram account, that shows her perspective of the entire concept of the wedding and we absolutely love her for that.

More Power to you Faiza! We wish you a very beautiful life ahead with an abundance of love and contentment galore!

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