Sunday, August 14, 2022

Falak Shabir sings for Sarah Khan and the video has gone viral!


Singer Falak Shabir and Actress Sarah Khan got married in a beautiful nikkah ceremony held on Thursday.

The nikkah ceremony was held a day after they got engaged and the pictures and videos have since taken all social media sites by storm with #FalakKiDulhan and #FalakSarah as top trends.

One video, which has probably received most love from fans and is going viral is when Falak Shabir sang “Kaun Tujhe Yun Pyar Karega”  for her lady love Sarah Khan.


The video has not only gone viral but fans have also commented and sent love to the couple on the video with some saying that Falak and Sarah are the most lovely couple they have seen in years and others commenting “perks of marrying a singer” on the video.

Earlier, a video from their engagement, in which Falak can be seen singing classic song “Mene Socha Na Thaa” for Sarah Khan had also gone viral.

Today, Falak Shabir also shared a GIF titled “And that how we started our first day after wedding”, which went viral instantly, with some commenting that they are the next power couple of the local industry.

Falak, rose to fame with his debut single “Rog” , which appeared on YouTube in 2008, and was nominated for a TMA Award. His second single, “Tera Saath Ho”, was nominated for an MTV Award. His song “Tera Saath Ho” was included in the soundtrack of the movie “Welcome to London”. he has won two “Best International Act Award” in Pakistan Media Awards.

Sarah Khan, on the anther hand is one of the top actresses of local drama industry.


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