Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Families of PIA plane crash victims receive Rs1m each


KARACHI: The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has paid compensation money to 82 families of the Karachi plane crash victims, so far on Saturday.

As per details, the PIA has acquired data of all the heirs of the plane crash victims and disbursed Rs1 million compensation to the heirs of 82 victims so far.

The authorities said remaining 15 heirs of the victims have asked to contact them in week or two.

PIA flight PK-8303 suffered a tragic air crash in Karachi last month, killing 97 people on board while two passengers survived miraculously.

During the ill-fated flight, the pilots made a first landing attempt and the plane briefly touched the ground multiple times, before attempting to land for a second time.

It may be noted that 95 bodies of the passengers out of 97 have been identified so far via DNA tests and were handed over to the heirs.

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On the other hand, the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) technical teams have failed to pull out the engine and the landing gear of the crashed PK-8303 aircraft for further investigations.

The teams consisting of technical experts remained unsuccessful in pulling out the engine present inside a dilapidated residential building after 14 days since the crash.


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