Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Family court cancels Meera’s Nikkah on basis of Khula


LAHORE: Dismissing a jactitation of marriage suit, a family court of Lahore on Monday canceled film actress Meera’s Nikkah (marriage contract) with Atiq-ur-Rehman on the basis of Khula.

Family Court Judge Babar Nadeem passed these orders declaring that the marriage suit was based on a lie. In its 18-page detailed verdict, the court ruled out that the legal marriage contract of Meera and Atiq was authentic.

Meera had submitted that she had not married Atiq-ur-Reham, who according to her had forged the marriage certificate to blackmail and malign her.

The court stated that all the pictures and other evidences provided to the court were valid and the two were legally married. However, the court observed that it appeared during the recording of statements of witnesses that the dispute started between the parties some nine years ago over a house located in Defence.

“The court believes that both the spouses could not carry forward their marital life further, therefore they should be released of their relationship,” said the court.

In July 25, 2009, the film actress had filed the lawsuit seeking orders to restrain her “self-proclaimed” husband from calling her his wife. Both the parties made complete efforts to establish a case against each other through different applications, most of the pleas were filed by Attique-ur-Rehman.

However, the court said all the evidences were valid and the two were legally married.

Earlier, nikah khawan (marriage registrar) Hamid Khan had authenticated solemnising her wedding with Atiq-ur-Rehman.

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