Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Woman, infant among five affected family members die after eating ‘toxic’ food


RAWALPINDI: A woman and an infant boy among five members of the same family, who had fainted, died on Saturday after consuming ‘toxic’ food in Rawalpindi, ARY News reported.

Police said the five family members were found fainted at their house and later they were shifted to a hospital in the metropolis.

“A woman and a minor boy, who had fainted, have died,” they said.

Police said they suspected that the affectees had eaten ‘toxic’ food item, as froth was coming from their mouths.

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On January 28, 15 members of a family had fainted after they consumed ‘toxic’ rice during a meal at their residence in Hingora Goth, Mominabad Town.

The senior superintendent of police Malir had said they received a report about fainting of over half a dozen family members after having a meal at a home in Hingora Goth. Later the affected people were moved to a nearby hospital.

He, however, had said that condition of all the family members was out of danger. He said police probed the case and found the victims had bought rice with a food colour from a local shop in their area.

“After consuming the rice, their health deteriorated and they all lost their consciousness.”


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