Monday, August 8, 2022

Family finds out they had a picnic next to a live WWII bomb


 A family was left terrified after an object whom they were considering nothing but a kids’ toy was found to be a live World War-II era bomb in Nottinghamshire, UK.

According to the details, David and Karen Hibbert were enjoying a picnic at Thoresby Park in Newark, with their children when the husband came across a strange-looking object next to the river.

He picked it up and took it to his wife but she was unimpressed and thought it was nothing but a children’s toy. David asked her wife if it was some kind of ammunition.

However, Karen dismissed it saying it was a toy and asked her husband to put it back where he found it.

“He put it back at the side of the river and as I was getting the kids out, he gave it a little kick and said ‘look, it sounds like metal, it’s no kids toy’. I said ‘just ignore it, David, you’ve got a great imagination’ rolling my eyes,” said Karen.

Karen added they had their food, continued to play, and fish just 10 feet away from the unidentified object, the Mirror reported.

But the mother was left flabbergasted when she came across a Facebook post on the page of Thoresby Park that stated a controlled explosion of the object her husband found had taken place.

“If you do ever discover any ammunition whilst on the estate please do not touch it and alert a member of the team at the Courtyard who will notify the relevant authorities to dispose of it safely,” read the post.

Karen, expectedly, was nervous and embarrassed to share the truth with her husband. She said: “It’s unbelievable. I took the mickey out of David for hours afterward. I told our friends ‘you’ll never guess what he thought he saw.”


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