Monday, August 8, 2022

Family of Indian cricketer Shami in trouble over ‘cow slaughter’


According to an Indian news agency, Mohammed Shami’s brother Mohammad Haseeb was arrested and released on bail over accounts of stopping a cop capturing a suspect over alleged cow slaughter. Haseeb is also said to have been involved in a scuffle with a police officer.

Shami’s father Tauseef said that his son was not present at the time of incident took place.

“He (Haseeb) was just an onlooker like so many others who had gathered there. He was unnecessarily dragged into the controversy”, Tauseef said.

He claimed that several persons are locking horns with his family because of the publicity they got after Shami started representing Indian cricket team at international level.

“I had reported the issue to the authorities concerned in this regard a month ago. This (arrest) is the result of that. A term like ‘cow slaughter’ is being used to target us”, he said.


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