Saturday, September 25, 2021

Farhan Akhtar called Pakistani on social media for supporting Muslim victim of Dadri lynching incident


The heart-wrenching Dadri lynching shocked the world and drew condemnations from all quarters regarding the ghastly murder. It drew even ire and criticism from the Indian film fraternity, as Farhan Akhtar lashed out at the incident and openly showed his utter dismay at the loss of life.

Farhan Akhtar had posted on his facebook account and condemned the incident, a few days ago.

“They should be given the harshest punishment to send a message out that this sort of kangaroo justice will not be allowed in our nation,” he said in his lengthy message.

Farhan’s outspoken response was obviously not well received by many of his followers on Facebook. Here are a couple of trolls who criticized Akhtar:-

One such troll called Farhan ‘Pakistani Akhtar’ to which he gave a befitting response:-

Farhan Akhtar

Another person took the Bollywood actor to task and questioned him as to why did he remain silent on other issues, typically those in which Hindus were killed?

To the comment above, Farhan Akhtar replied:-

ٖٖFarhan Akhtar did well to respond to the mindless critics on his Facebook page. It is refreshing to see a prominent figure from the Indian film industry own up to the deficiencies prevalent in Indian society and try to rectify the mindsets of people.

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