Tuesday, August 16, 2022

FIR registered against PTM leader Gulalai over anti-state speech


FIRs registered against PTM leader Gulalai Ismail for incendiary comments and speeches against the state and security institutes amid Farishta rape and murder case, ARY News reported.

Pashtun Tahafuz Movement leader Gulali Ismail has been named in First Information Reports’ (FIR) against them in different parts of the country after videos of her making illicit commentary against the state and it’s security institutes came to the forefront.

In the backdrop of the unfortunate Farishta rape and murder incident, PTM sympathizers lashed out and levied blame for the crime upon security agencies and the armed forces of the country.

Investigations into the case have begun, statements of the affected and local police officers have been recorded while the medico-legal officer (MLO) poly clinic hospital who was found guilty of criminal negligence during the postmortem of the dead body has been sacked.

Whereas, no action has yet been taken against Gulalai for her comments to incite violence, hatred and anarchy in the country.

Shortly after the heinous rape and murder incident of Farishta was revealed a video of PTM leader Gulalai Ismail started doing the rounds on social media where she can clearly be seen admonishing the state and it’s institutes and termed the incident to be one among many which the state and it’s security agencies have forced on it’s ethnicities.

Two FIRs have been registered thus far against PTM’s Gulalai in a span of 16 hours.

An FIR was registered against Ismail yesterday in Shehzad Town police station and today a new FIR has been lodged in Koral police station.

Charges of terrorism and inciting violence against state have been nominated against the accused.

The FIR further details how during a protest against the brutal act against Farishta Mohmand was exploited by PTM leader Gulalai to incite the Pashtun ethnicities of Pakistan against the state and how other ethnicities residing in the region harbor ill will towards them.

The FIR further entails how the speech may become a reason to strike fear among the peaceful masses and create unneeded hysteria.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered action against police officials for negligence in a case pertaining to alleged rape and murder of a 10-year-old girl, Farishta, in Islamabad, according to a statement issued from his office.



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