Monday, August 15, 2022

Farooq Sattar mesmerises audience, responds to Sabzwari in HLPJ


That former MQM-P convener Farooq Sattar is a poetry-lover is no revelation but changing the whole mood of a TV show with timely recitation of couplets was a talent not many knew about till he did it in ARY News’ Har Lamha Purjosh.

The politician, who appeared in the show along with his better-half Afshan Farooq Sattar not only won over the audiences but also the two dummy poets (Shafaat Ali and Syed Atif) who appeared prepared for the program but not for what Farooq Sattar had to offer.

Here is the video

During the Q&A session, Farooq Sattar also responded to what his former MQM colleague and fellow politician Faisal Sabzwari had to say about him.

Faisal Sabzwari, when asked to comment with a couplet on Farooq Sattar’s picture, had recited a Jaun Elia couplet.

’میں بھی بہت عجیب ہوں، اتنا عجیب کہ بس،

خود کو تباہ کرلیا اور ملال بھی نہیں‘

Farooq Sattar too responded with a couplet and said;

’یہ میرا فرض بنتا ہے میں اسکے ہاتھ دھلواؤں​

سنا ہے اس نے میری ذات پر کیچڑ اچھالا ہے​‘

He went on to add that.

’سلوکِ ناروا کا شکوہ اس لیے نہیں کرتا

میں بھی تو کسی کی بات کی پرواہ نہیں کرتا

بہت ہوشیار ہوں اپنی لڑائی آپ لڑتا ہوں

میں دل کی بات کو دیوار پر لکھا نہیں کرتا‘



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