Friday, May 27, 2022

Farukh Bhabha: Young Pakistani entrepreneur and computer prodigy


The young talent of Pakistan Farrukh Bhabha who has proved his mettle in the international software development field and now the talented boy is all set to raise Pakistani flag in the hardware field. This 23-year-old student has assembled a 3D printer that is four times cheaper than the 3D printers being produced in international market. Farrukh is also creating a local software to operate these 3D printers through mobile phones.

Farrukh is a final year student in a private university. He started his career by working in an institution that worked with 3D printers. There he realized that Pakistan is left far behind in this amazing technology which motivated him to start-up his own business in this field. Initially, he assembled his first 3D printer on his own fund as his thesis project and he has his own setup.

Today this 23-year-old young entrepreneur has a working setup at his home where he has two engineers working under him. So far this talented young student has assembled three 3D printers and he is currently busy in developing the fourth one.

In 2014 Ghulam Ishaq Khan University arranged a competition where Farrukh’s assembled 3D printers was named the most unique and important printer among the other eight projects that were projected in that competition. His assembled 3D printers are more spacious then the other printers that are being assembled in Pakistan.

Farrukh’s machines, which are designing plastic sculptures of different kinds have impressed the international markets. Considering him a prodigy the international IT Company Microsoft has provided him a co-working space at its entrepreneurship centre in Karachi for six months. Where this talented young fellow is busy in making a software that will be a milestone in Pakistan’s filed of 3D printing and manufacturing.


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