Friday, September 30, 2022

Father decapitates his two minor daughters


DUBAI: In a terrorising crime reported in Jordan, a father has stabbed to death and decapitated his two minor daughters aged 2 and 3 in Al Jafr District.

The killer has a criminal history of drug trafficking and domestic abuse. The incident took place in the Al Jafr District of Jordan’s Southern Badia.

It emerged that he woke up early on Saturday and slit the throat of his two daughters, the first is two-years-old while the second is three-years-old.

The brother of the accused man had discovered and reported the incident to the police after visiting his brother where he witnessed bloodstains in front of the house, whose door was left wide open, Gulf News reported.

He got inside and to his shock, he found the two daughters killed, and decapitated. “They were slaughtered like a goat”, he stated.

It is not yet known why the man had committed the crime as he was still at large.

The Jordanian Police launched an immediate investigation into the incident and are still searching for the perpetrator.


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