Saturday, September 25, 2021

Mr and Mrs Fawad Khan celebrate their 13th wedding anniversary


Being an immensely talented actor means an extensively hectic schedule but the unarguable pride of Pakistan, Fawad Khan proves to be a perfect family man too. Along with his outstanding acting and flamboyant style, Fawad also gives an adequate quality time to his family. The love he carries for his better half, Sadaf can easily be deciphered through the photos he posts on his official Instagram account.

Both these lovebirds have been attending various ceremonies and events together with a splendid portrayal of consistent love. Recently, Fawad and Sadaf have cut their anniversary cake and the contentment they have for each other is evident from this photo.

The love story of both these cuties started back in the day when Fawad used to study in Lahore Grammar School while Sadaf was in the girls’ section of the same school. They met at the age of 16 and Fawad found himself fallen in love with her in the first meeting but he avoided to express it in front of her. They started talking online and at the age of 17, Fawad met an accident that damaged his pancreas. In spite of being unwell, he got a little hope when his friends told him Sadaf has been asking about him.

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After Fawad’s full recovery, these lovebirds met for the second time. In less than a week, Fawad proposed her. The actor used to often stand and wait outside her college but her family was strict in the beginning. Soon after a few months, Fawad initiated his career as the lead singer of Entity Paradigm. He rose to prominence with his appearance in Jutt and Bond but this angered Sadaf’s family as they always wanted to get her married to someone with a conventional job.

So the man who can skip a heartbeat of any woman started an eight hour job for the woman he loved. Finally, Sadaf’s family agreed and the sweethearts tied knot in 2005. Last year, Fawad’s better half defined their relationship as, “Well, the proposal was nothing dramatic. It was a simple question over the phone. Fawad proposed to me when I was sixteen and he claims that he’s been married to me the day the relationship began fourteen wonderful years ago.”

We wish this power couple a very beautiful life ahead with a plethora of love and contentment galore. What are your views on the story? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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