Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Faysal Quraishi contracts COVID-19 amid fourth wave


Faysal Quraishi has tested positive for COVID-19 amid a fourth wave of the threatening Delta variant. The actor’s announcement came just a day after Ushna Shah also confirmed her positive diagnosis.

Faysal Quraishi took to Instagram Stories on Tuesday to share the grim news with his fans and followers. “Take care of yourself and be safe, this Delta virus is getting closer,” he said.

faysal quraishi, covid-19

“Hit me yesterday so I’m in isolation for the next few days,” shared the Waada actor, adding that he is vaccinated and has no symptoms.

News of him contracting the virus comes just a few hours after Ushna also shared that she has tested positive despite being fully vaccinated.

“Even with the two mandatory doses of the vaccine, I have tested positive for Covid-19,” she said, explaining that she is a relatively healthy individual and still managed to catch the bug with ‘extremely unpleasant’ symptoms.


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She, however, emphasized the importance of getting vaccinated, saying that she “shudders to think what would have happened had I not been vaccinated.”

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