Tuesday, August 16, 2022

FBR unearths Rs12.78bn transaction in dry cleaner’s account


GHOTKI: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has summoned a dry cleaner of Ghotki, after unearthing a suspicious transaction of Rs12.78billion from his account, ARY News reported on Sunday.

As per details, a dry cleaner named Romesh Kumar was shocked after receiving a call-up notice from the FBR to appear before it on October 19 (tomorrow).

According to FBR transaction worth Rs12.78billion was carried out from the account of Romesh Kumar. The dry cleaner after receiving the notice of the FBR said he has no information who carried such a huge amount transaction from his account.

Romesh further said he was working in Sardar Ghulam Muhammad Sugar Mills in 2009 and left the job after two years.

He has been asked to appear before the FBR tomorrow for interrogation.

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Earlier this year, a driver became an overnight millionaire after a suspicious transaction of Rs4.9 million into his bank account in Jamshoro city of Sindh.

The Jamshoro driver, Somaar Channa, was surprised over the presence of the large sums of money in his bank account as more than Rs4.9 million was transacted from an unknown source.


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