Monday, August 15, 2022

WATCH: Medical student crushed to death by snow


A young female medical student died after a garage’ roof could not sustain the pressure of a thick snow layer and cave-in during an illegal late-night party event.

The incident occurred in Russia during an underground party at a disused cafe in scientific town Akademgorodok, attended by around 200 revellers. The incident caused the immediate death of a female medical student identified as Tuyana Prushenova.

The videos shared on social media showed the footages just before and after the incident. It showed a group of people dancing on the floor with multicoloured disco lights illuminating the room.

Another video depicted tragic scenes after the incident showing emergency services staff wading through the piles of snow and rubble.

The authorities said that the incident occurred as the party, which was organised illegally, was over and people were preparing to leave the venue.

Narrating the incident, an eye witness was quoted by Russian media saying that he was in the cloakroom the moment it happened, changing to go home.

“The music was very loud when I heard a sudden crack, and then a girl screamed. I rushed towards the door and jumped outside. There were guys inside the cloakroom when it happened.”

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The health officials said that four people also sustained injuries mostly after being hit by an old rotten wooden roof mixed with huge blocks of snow.

The 27-year-old man who organised the party was detained, the Russian Investigative Committee said.


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