Thursday, December 8, 2022

Feroze Khan calls Reham Khan a “Snake”


Pakistan Drama star Feroze Khan commented “Snake” on Reham Khan’s picture taken during the vote of no-confidence against Imran Khan. 

Reham Khan attended the National assembly session that led to the impeachment of Former Prime Minister Imran Khan as a result of a vote of no-confidence. She also shared a photo of herself in the Assembly corridors over social media platforms.

However, Pakistan’s celebrity class has not taken her presence at the session very well. Several Pakistan drama stars including Feroze Khan voiced their displeasure over her presence at the assembly session.

Actor Feroze Khan commented “Snake” on her photo while Actor Adeel Chaudhry called her a “horrible person”.

Actress Aiman Khan also took to her Instagram to show her anger over Rehman Khan and commented “Sabiq be-rehem” over her photo.

Earleir, Aiman’s husband and Actor Muneeb Butt had accused Reham Khan of hoarding free furniture for her Movie Janaan by using Ex-PM Imran Khan’s name.

He reacted to a Tweet by Reham in which she said “All these actors giving endorsements to the Kuptaan had better get heavy investments for their film projects.”

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He added that Reham Khan does not have the ground to morally police anyone and suggested her to stop being a “graceless ex”.


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