Tuesday, May 17, 2022

After Kim Kardashian, Ferrari bans Justin Bieber from future purchases


Canadian singer Justin Bieber has been banned by luxury brand ‘Ferrari’ from future purchases due to the violation of ownership terms.

Italian sports car manufacturer, Ferrari – who is quite uncompromising in its maintenance terms – has added Justin Bieber to the list of black-listed buyers, reportedly for violating the ‘ownership terms’ of the brand and ‘ethical code’ of maintenance.

As per the reports from an Italian newspaper, the pop singer who owns two cars from the luxury brand including F430 and F458 has violated multiple codes of ethics including the neglection of vehicle F458 which he uses himself.


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The singer reportedly left the car unattended in a parking lot outside the Beverly Hills nightclub, which is against the policies. Later he made some modifications to the model, changing the color from the original white to a shade of blue, while he installed a sound system and added a body kit to the vehicle as well.

Furthermore, the singer even auctioned the vehicle back in 2017. All these violations combined have reasoned in Bieber ending up on the list, and will not be allowed to purchase any more cars from the brand in the future.

Previously, Ferrari has blacklisted celebrities like socialite Kim Kardashian, actor Nicolas Cage, and rapper 50 cent.


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