Sunday, February 5, 2023

‘Name itself is a mimicry’: Indian filmmaker questions the originality of Bollywood


Indian filmmaker Abhishek Sharma has given a word about the originality of Bollywood content as he spoke about the emerging corporate culture in the industry.

Sharma, best known for films like his directorial debut ‘Tere Bin Laden’, ‘The Shaukeens’ and the very latest ‘Ram Setu’, was seated with fellow filmmakers Anees Bazmee and Vikas Bahl at a session about ‘Corporate Culture in Film industry’ in the ongoing International Film Festival of India (IFFI).

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When asked about the impacts of the corporatization of the film industry, Sharma answered in the affirmative saying it is the ‘best thing’ to have happened to the industry as “at least cheques are getting encashed now.”

He went on to elaborate, “Pehle kaha se paisa ata tha aur kaise ata hai (The kind of money that came in films and how it came)… we know. That change is good.”

“Corporatization has helped cleanse the money being invested in films,” the director mentioned.

Moreover, Sharma remarked about the industry that Bollywood can never be original and one should not expect that of it. He noted, “Bollywood must be some journalist’s joke that remained. If the name is a mimicry of something else, how can you expect them to be original?”

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“The suits are here to pay up but are you ready to be creative enough? Are we truly an organic industry? We need to introspect. We need to come together keeping aside personal profit and loss and think about the industry as a whole,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, on the work front, Abhishek Sharma last wrote and directed ‘Ram Setu’ starring Akshay Kumar in lead. The action-adventure flick opened to negative reviews from critics last month.


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