Friday, February 3, 2023

VIDEO: Fire extinguisher explodes in weather presenter’s hands


In a horrific moment caught on live Tv, a fire extinguisher exploded in the weather presenter’s hand. 

An old video that has resurfaced again shows the weather presenter Jude Redfield having an unfortunate experience live on air after a fire extinguisher he was using malfunctioned.

The footage of the incident has been shared widely online.

Louisville, Kentucky had been witnessing a record heatwave at the time of Redfield’s appearance, so the reporter in a lighter vein had a fire extinguisher on hand to allow him to ‘extinguish’ the heat.  

However, it all took a dramatic turn when Redfield turned the extinguisher in the direction of the graphic displaying the temperatures and went to let it off. It made a ‘pop’ sound and the canister of the extinguisher fell to the ground.

Smoke emerged as another part of the extinguisher fired backwards off-screen, and a shocked Redfield was left holding the nozzle of the device.

Thankfully, Jude Redfield escaped the ordeal harmless.

Redfield described the incident as one of his ‘top five moments in broadcast history’, while Twitter users responded to the clip to express their amusement and note that the meteorologist had a lucky escape.


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