Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Fish fillet shaking and jumping inside oven, spooky video goes viral


A creepy video of a fish fillet has gone viral on social media that was shaking and jumping inside an oven.

The video of the fish fillet shared on YouTube haunted the netizens who compared it with a horror movie scene. It was shared by a user named Naser Par a few years back which went viral once again after being re-shared on Reddit.

fish fillet jumping oven viral video

The 35-second video showed a large piece of a dead filleted fish without a head flipping and jumping around inside the oven.

The filleted fish was placed inside the oven on a tinfoil covered tray to get cooked. It can be seen jumping up and down as if it was alive. The fillet suddenly tossed and hit the oven’s top when a person was opening up the oven before closing the door in fear.

After a moment, the fish fillet came to a complete standstill inside the oven.

The video has garnered millions of views after it was posted on YouTube five years ago.


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