Friday, February 3, 2023

Five Facts about Love


Though many would argue that an ideal and romantic thing like love has nothing to do with facts. But today we bring this special thing about love, the facts.

Five of them are here.

Arranged and Love 

Up until the 1700’s most marriages were arranged. Only then did it start to become acceptable for marriages to be based on love and the freedom of couples to choose.


Fear of falling in love

It’s probably safe to say that a number of people have encountered potential mates that never seemed capable of making a commitment. The fear of falling in love is called philophobia.


Face Fact

While there are many ways we can be attracted to one another, research has revealed that the attractiveness of a person’s face is likely the most important criteria when choosing a partner. Tastes differ, of course, so what’s attractive to one person may not be attractive to another.



Research has concluded that a person in love is usually a less productive person. It’s likely that this is more of a problem for people who are in a new relationship when feelings are very intense and tend to distract from other aspects of life, like working.



People who are in love can synchronize their heartbeats by gazing into each other’s eyes for about three minutes.


Courtesy: Odd or What


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