Friday, July 1, 2022

Five fantastic uses for lip balm you didn’t know about


Lip balm is a must-have product in winter which is normally applied to help prevent or relieve cracking of dry lips.

However, there are some surprising uses of this product in our daily lives other than healing chapped lips.

Removing a stuck ring


Sometimes removing a ring becomes a headache.

There are several domestically discovered tips to remove a ring including using soap. But who would like to go to bathroom straightaway in cold weather. If you face such a situation take out your lip balm from your cosmetic bag or drawer.

Coat the ring with the balm and it will become much easier to remove it.

Soothing a sore nose


Applying lip balm on or around your irritated skin of nose, which happens after repeatedly wiping your nose because of cold, will moisturize the skin to help healing. Avoid using menthol ChapStick.

Preventing blisters from forming on feet


A new pair of shoes always looks good, but sometimes it gives you enormous pain by causing blisters on your feet. If you feel your shoe is biting you then apply some balm to the spot that irritates you and feel free to walk again.

Lubricating a broken zipper


Lip balms contain oil, hence they are great for fixing zippers that get stuck or cause trouble.

Taming flyaways, static hair


Apply some amount of lip balm to your hairbrush and brush through your hair avoiding the roots. It will keep your hair smooth and straight for longer. If you apply it to your eyebrows it will make them look neat.


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