Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Five Most Interesting Common Myths


Here are 5 common myths that many of us still believe or have started to believe.

10 Percent of Brain Usage
If this myth were true, we could probably all be considered brainless, for all intents and purposes. The myth that claims that humans only use 10 percent of their brain has been proven false many times over. Other percentages have also been bandied about including one percent, five percent and probably more. All false.

Aluminum Foil Magic

Maybe it’s the fact that aluminum foil seems like kind of a magical material that makes it the object of numerous silly myths. One claims that a covering your car with it will cause a speed radar to go haywire or fail to detect the car at all.
Actually, since radar uses radio waves to calculate speed the highly-reflective foil is more likely to make a car an even “bigger” radar target and therefore easier to detect.

Population Explosion

The myth states that there are more people alive today than there are people who have ever died. People who study stuff like this estimate that at least 100 billion people have lived and died throughout human history. Considering that there are roughly 7 billion people currently living on planet earth, it’s obvious that this myth is way off track.

Bulls hate color ‘Red’

Perhaps the fact that matadors will most often use a red cape to provoke a bull gave birth to the idea that bulls hate the color red. Bulls, like many other animals are color blind, making the world more like black-and-white in their eyes. This myth is pure lie.

The Chewing Gum Myth

It’s often said that if someone swallows chewing gum, it will end up lodged in their digestive tract forever or take years to pass through. Chewing gum is nearly as digestible as most other food items and will pass through the digestive tract like any other food.

Courtesy: Odd or What


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