Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Flight WWII stars Pakistani Hollywood actor Faran Tahir


Pakistania actor Faran Tahir will now be seen in the upcoming Flight WWII, a unique movie of its kind which features action, sci-fi and a twist of historic drama all meshed into one!

Featured in the movie trailer, the actor enacts the role of a pilot who flies a 757 flight en route from Washington DC to London. However, things go awry (a tab bit too much) when the plane gets caught up in a storm, which mysteriously throws the aircraft way back in time. The crew, to their utter horror, realize that they have been thrown back in time to Germany 1940, with the second World War in full swing!

The flight finds itself caught in a battle between Allied and German Forces and in their desperation to return home safely, those on board manage to turn the tide that wins the war in Europe. Also, it is up to Farhan’s skills as a pilot to commandeer the plane away from the perils they face.

Faran Tahir is an actor who is fast gaining prominence in Hollywood for starring in several high profile Hollywood movies. He has starred in Iron Man in an antagonist role and also played a role in Escape Plan opposite Hollywood heavyweights such as Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Shwarzenegger and 50 cent. Faran has also starred in Picture Perfect, Star Trek, Charlie Wilson’s War and Elysium with Hollywood’s A-list actors.

He has also played roles in prominent TV shows such as Dallas and Warehouse 13.


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