Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Flood in River Chenab devastates crops in various areas


MULTAN: River Chenab was faced with a flooding situation on Friday resulting in the destruction of hundreds of acres of fields, ARY News reported.

The flood enveloped areas of Shershah, Bosan and Nawabpur among others in South Punjab.

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The local Assistant Commissioner said that the current water flow at Trimmu Barrage on Chenab river was measured at 54,000 cusec.

While downstream water flow was measured at 70,000 cusecs.

Locust swarms overwhelm wheat crops in Balochistan

PANJGUR: Locust swarms have overwhelmed wheat fields in Balgtar and Gwarkro regions of Balochistan leaving them destroyed.

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Ministry of agriculture and plant protection Balochistan authorities are busy spraying the fields with insecticides and pesticides.

The difficult terrain is proving to be a great obstacle for relief teams trying to gain access to the place of concern.


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