Tuesday, September 28, 2021

US cop shoots ex-girl friend while on duty, shocking video goes viral


A harrowing moment was caught on a CCTV when a Florida sheriff ’s deputy shot his ex-girlfriend as she walked her dog and then killed himself.

Michael DeMarco, deputy county sheriff of Palm Beach was near Boynton Beach while he was on-duty. Dramatic footage, which has been edited, shows DeMarco’s unmarked vehicle drive up to Solano, tries to speak to her and she apparently refuses.

Cop shoots ex girl friend

The former couple are seen walking next to each other for a few seconds, before they launch into a scuffle.

For a few seconds, they move out of camera view, but moments later, the officer – who she once described as “racist and very possessive” – reappears pointing his gun at her.

Cop shoots ex girl friend

You treat me worse than a dog,” DeMarco reportedly told Solano before he shot her in the arm and twice in her chest. The sheriff’s deputy then shot himself in the head, killing himself.

The Palm Beach Post edited the video but police told the media outlet that the unedited video showed the entire incident, the New York Post reported.

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