Monday, August 15, 2022

WATCH: Many escape death after flying car hits pavement   


A video doing rounds on social media has shown how a driver lost control of his over-speeding vehicle on a bridge, bringing it down to kill a woman and injure four others.

Many passers-by were lucky enough to avoid being hit from what appeared initially to be a flying car and even a woman could be seen in the footage avoiding injuries from a sign board that also fell alongside the car from the bridge.

The incident occurred in Hyderabad, capital of Indian state Telangana, and was captured on CCTV cameras. Indian media reports say that the mishap took place when the car which was speeding at 104 km/hour lost control and fell off the flyover at Biodiversity Junction in Hyderabad’s Raidurgam after it crashed into the divider. The car driver sustained injuries and was admitted to the intensive care unit of a hospital in the city.

In the video, it can be seen that there was regular vehicular movement on the street below the flyover when the car falls off the bridge, rolls over twice before landing on a few people gathered at the spot. While some people were able to run away from the spot, the car landed directly on one person and uprooted a tree.

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The municipal authorities announced five lakh rupees for the deceased family while medical assistance was given to those injured in it. The flyover has been closed and a case relating to charges of causing death due to negligence has registered against the driver.

The Hyderabad police officials blamed the driver, saying preliminary investigations showed that the car was traveling at a speed of 104 km/hour against the prescribed limit of 40 km/hour on the flyover.


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