Tuesday, June 28, 2022

‘Flying cat’ goes missing after jumping out of 5th floor of blazing building


CHICAGO: The Chicago Fire Department has shared a video on Twitter that showed a black cat jumped out of the 5th floor of a blazing Chicago building in Englewood.

It showed that the cat was looking out cautiously from the broken window where smoke is billowing out. The feline then jumped and landed on the grass and later walked away.

However, the famous feline, ‘Flying Cat’ called Hennessy, has since not returned home as the owner said that cat did not go outside.

The Chicago Fire Department  director, who captured the Hennessy’s jump, said that neighbours near 65th and Lowe were out looking for the cat. The director was having his camera with him when the team was trying to douse the fire.

The onlookers screamed after the cat emerged and leapt from the plumes of smoke. They later breathe a sigh of relief once the flying cat has landed safely on the grass.

The fire department officials was responding to the call of a fire in the kitchen and they were able to douse the flames in under 15 minutes. They also tried to get to the cat but it ran into the flames, said the director.

After the video was shared on the fire department’s Twitter, it has gone viral and viewed 1 million times and retweeted by 5.6K users.

The neighbours are also helping the family to find the flying cat, Hennessy.

The Chicago Fire Department said they will keep everyone updated on the cat and share more information once they locate her.


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