Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Folk singer Allan Faqeer remembered on death anniversary


Renowned folk Singer Allan Faqeer was remembered on his 19th death anniversary, ARY News reported on Thursday.

Born in Jamshoro in 1932 Allan Faqeer was best known for his devotional singing and traditional folk dancing. Many of Faqir’s songs were based on the poetry of Sindhi poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai. He spent twenty years of his life at Bhittai’s tomb, singing his poetry there.

He was introduced to Radio Pakistan and then to Pakistan Television Corporation in Hyderabad by Mumtaz Mirza from where he gradually rose to new heights of success.

Faqir focused upon spiritualism in his singing. His song ‘Allah Allah Kar Bhaiya’, recorded in 1986, which he sang along with Muhammad Ali Shehki became immensely popular.

He was bestowed with the presidential honour of ‘Pride of Performance’ in 1980. The Sufi singer also received Shah Latif Award, Shahbaz Award and Kandh Kot Award.

Allan Faqeer died on July 4, 2000.


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