Monday, June 27, 2022

Ford testing feature which automatically reduces speed for road safety


Ford is working on a geofencing technology which reduces vehicle speed for road safety.

It is pertinent to mention that geofencing technology is a virtual geographical boundary.

The car company aims to make streets safe for drivers and pedestrians both with the technology. It may facilitate drivers in avoiding fines and improve their roadside appearances.

“Connected vehicle technology has the proven potential to help make everyday driving easier and safer to benefit everyone, not just the person behind the wheel,” Ford of Europe’s manager for city engagement in Germany said as quoted in the statement. “Geofencing can ensure speeds are reduced where – and even when – necessary to help improve safety and create a more pleasant environment.”

The trial is a joint venture between the Ford City Engagement team, city officials in Cologne and Aachen, and Ford software engineers in Palo Alto, in the US. Their colleagues in Aachen, the Palo Alto engineers came up with a technology which connects the vehicle to the system for GPS tracking and data exchange purposes.

The driver gets the information through the dashboard display cluster with the new speed limit which appears below the vehicle’s speed.

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The vehicle reduces speed in line with the geofenced zone automatically. The driver will have the option to override the system and deactivate control system.

The feature, whose testing will continue till March 2023, will be would allow the drivers to set their geofencing zones at low speeds as 20 km/h.

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Ford stated that a reduction in the number of road signs will facilitate the drivers in focusing on the roads instead of keeping a lookout for them.

“Our drivers should benefit from the latest technical support, including geofencing based assistant systems that enable them to keep to the speed limits and fully concentrate on the road,” the Head of Vehicle Technology and Mobility of the waste disposal company AWB.


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