Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Former MQM sector in-charge, APMSO head join Kamal’s party


Speaking on the occasion, Raza said he was severing ties with the MQM before they cancel my party membership.

“I have returned to the country after 16 years living abroad,” he said.

He endorsed the claims of PSP leaders that MQM use violent tactics to do politics in the city.

He claimed that his well-wishers were insisting him not to return to Pakistan, “but I have made it here to strengthen the PSP leaders.”

He also appealed other workers to join Kamal.

“MQM has snatched a right from us to take part in our social and home activities like wedding of a sister, family gatherings, etc.”

Zaman, in his talk, said party workers at university dedicated important phase of their youth life to the party, but ended up being killed. He appealed workers to focus on their education and shun the party.

Earlier opening the press conference, Mustafa Kamal fired an outburst of anger at MQM leader Nadeem Nusrat. He said Nusrat must have killed scores of people through teams consituted on orders of MQM chief Altaf Hussain.

He said they [MQM workers] are destined to be disposed off when they are done with their task.

He insisted that if Altaf Hussain wants to build a team, “then he should come to Pakistan to lead and we will also become a part of it.”

He is sitting in a foreign country and letting people die in Karachi, said Kamal.

If 20,000 workers of MQM are killed, then 10,000 of them alone are got killed on orders of Nadeem Nusrat. “Why are you doing all this,” asked Kamal from Nusrat.


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