Sunday, August 14, 2022

Member Sindh Assembly brings fried locusts as lunch


KARACHI: Member Sindh Assembly, Shaharyar Mahar opted to bring a unique delicacy to the house as lunch, fried locusts on Wednesday, ARY News reported.

Member of Pakistan Muslim League Functional (PML-F) brought the locusts in a lunch box, garnished with coriander and seasoned with spices.

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He also showcased the lunchbox to inquisitive onlookers.

Directing the attention of the assembly to what he had brought,Shaharyar Mahar said that the agriculture minister of Sindh, Ismail Rahu had asked people to eat the locusts so he had taken it upon himself to have them painstakingly prepared and now would like the people in the government to consume them.

Earlier on December 6, Locust swarms continue to wreak havoc across Pakistan, as aerial help was called in to spray pesticides and insecticides in a small vicinity of Sindh infested with the critters.

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Saleh Pat area of Sindh’s Sukkur region was witness to the aerial measures employed against the infestation which had continually destroyed crops since last month.

The crops eating insects were successful in causing irreparable damage to wheat crops, gardens and farmed vegetables.


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