Monday, September 27, 2021

‘Friendship ended with Mudasir’ viral meme set for NFT auction


A Facebook post that said, “Friendship ended with Mudasir, now Salman is my best friend” became one of the most popular memes online in Pakistan. The meme is now set for an NFT auction.

In 2015, a Gujranwala citizen named Asif announced a breakup with his best friend Mudasir on Facebook. He also introduced a new friend named Salman. The post that read, “Friendship ended with Mudasir, now Salman is my best friend” created quite a buzz worldwide.

The meme was used by social media users to declare all sorts of breakups and controversies.

Asif in a message said, “I DECLARE THAT I LEFT MY PAST BEST FRIEND MUDASIR_ISMAIL_AHMAD” as Mudasir had become very “selfish” and “proudy”. Mudasir, however, said he was “not proudy” and was ready to forgive Asif for the online rant.

Asif ranted again and Mudasir complained to Asif’s brother. He complained that Asif had put a cross across his chest and not his face in the viral post. In another Facebook post, Asif called Mudasir “cheap” for making a mountain out of a molehill.

Asif eventually decided to be friends with Mudasir again. So, Mudasir and Salman became Asif’s best friends forever.

The viral meme is being auctioned on the world’s largest platform for NFT listings – Foundation. The minimum price is 1 Ethereum token or $2,320.

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