Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Viral video: Fruit vendor brutally thrashed after dispute over Rs5


In a shocking incident from India’s Noida, a fruit vendor was brutally thrashed by two men over a dispute with a money transaction.

The video of the incident, which reportedly took place on January 16, is doing rounds on social media.

It has emerged that a dispute between the fruit seller and two customers occurred over the price of apples.

The victim, identified as Ajay, is a fruit seller and runs a shop in Haraula Mandi. On Monday, a customer named Amit came to his shop and asked him the price for apples. Ajay quoted the price as Rs 90 per kg, while Amit asked to give it for Rs 85 per kg.

After this, an argument broke out between the two. The matter got so worse that Amit and his friend started punching Ajay.

In the video, the men could be seen mercilessly punching the victim as onlookers capture the incident on their mobile phones. The assaulter also threatened a man who came to intervene.

Meanwhile, police have arrested one of the accused, named Amit, while they are searching for another person involved in the incident.


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