Saturday, September 25, 2021

Karachi 6-year-old critical as she allegely falls prey to gang-rape


KARACHI: In an abysmal incident to have emerged early on Saturday, a six-year-old Karachi girl has allegedly suffered sexual abuse after being kidnapped by two suspects who are now in police custody, ARY News reported.

According to the details collected on the incident, the locals near Malir’ Sukhan Police Station held up the two men accused of raping the minor girl before they handed them over to the police.

The rescue officials have confirmed to ARY News that the girl has been shifted to Jinnah Hospital after her health deteriorated following alleged gang rape.

It may be noted that Goth Lalabad’s UC-Chashma, which falls under District Malir of Karachi, is the place where the incident originally took place.

In a similar and as appalling incident to have taken place earlier today, a six-year-old minor girl was allegedly raped in Phool Nagar, a city located in the Kasur district of Punjab.

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As per details, the suspect using a trick took the minor girl to nearby fields, where he raped her and fled the scene. Later, the family members of the girl caught the rapist after being informed by the victim about the incident.

The furious family members tried to beat the rapist, but the police reached the spot. Initially, the family members refused to hand over the alleged rapist to them, but later they agreed to give him into police custody.

The minor girl underwent a medical checkup to affirm the case.

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