Friday, May 27, 2022

Gang robbing people in the name of ‘Jeeto Pakistan’ arrested


As is the tradition, ARY News yet again uncovered a criminal gang robbing people of their hard-earned money in the name of ‘Jeeto Pakistan‘, Pakistan’s most popular game show.

The gang run by residents of a village in Toba Tek Singh district of Punjab province and a led by a fraudster Akram was caught on camera by ARY News’ ‘Sar-e-Aam’ team.

The Sar-e-Aam team led by anchor Iqrarul Hassan raided the place with police and caught a number of people involved in the scam including the gang leader Akram.


Their Modus Operandi

As narrated by Akram and recorded on camera, the gang used to text a carefully written message to victims giving them the good news of a Rs200,000 or Rs5000,000 cash prize and about 2 tola 0r 5 tola gold from ‘Jeeto Pakistan’.

The victim was then asked as to how will he like to receive the prize- in cash or through an online transaction directly depositing the amount in their bank account- as most people preferred the convenient option i.e. online transfer, the gang used to ask them to send them Rs7500 as tax to get their cheque signed.

This Rs7500 is their catch!

The gang even used to ask the same about the gold prize. “Will you like to get your gold at your doorstep or receive cash equivalent to the amount of gold in your bank account?”

Most of the victims used to opt for the online transfer and thus they recieved nothing but instead sent Rs7500 to these fraudsters.

What Fahad Mustafa has to say on this!

Fahad Mustafa, the host of the most popular show aired on ARY Digital, was himself contacted by the Sar-e-Aam team and to everyone’s surprise, Fahad himself claimed receiving such a message.

“I have explained the thing many a time in my show that such texts are fraud,” said Mustafa.

It is pertinent to mention here that ‘Jeeto Pakistan’ is Pakistan’s most popular game show and is aired every Friday and Sunday at 7:30 pm only on ARY Digital.

The show is conducted in front of a live audience and prizes are given at the spot.



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