Wednesday, January 26, 2022

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'Geo TV, Indian media accuse ISI of attack on Hamid Mir'


KARACHI: Senior journalist, Hamid Mir, who was injured as a result of firing on his vehicle earlier today, at the Natha Khan bridge and was taken to a private hospital. The incident has now led to some serious conspiracy theories against the prime intelligence agency of Pakistan, Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) – ARY News reports.

Senior anchorperson of ARY News, Mubashir Lucman first of all condemned the attack on Hamid Mir, yet he referred to the alleging of ISI to be behind the attack as a premature act. He stated that initiating a propaganda against prestigious institutions of the state, without the initial investigations of the event being done, is entirely unjustified.

Lucman said that maligning the state institutions cannot be justified, despite of all the emotions and grievances in the wake of the attack on Hamid Mir. He urged for an investigation of the attack on Hamid Mir, as well as the motives and factors behind framing of accusations on ISI.

Meanwhile, senior analyst, Haroon ur Rasheed in his exclusive word with ARY News, has also condemned the cowardly attack on Hamid Mir, as well as, the allegations of Amir Mir against the ISI.

Haroon claimed that the ISI Chief, Lieutenant General, Zaheer ul Islam was at a relative's place, where he received this news and was aggrieved to hear baseless and such serious allegations against him.

Earlier, the brother of Hamid Mir, Amir Mir alleged the ISI to be behind the attack on his brother. He told that Hamid Mir had given a statement in written to his family, friends, management of Geo TV and other closed ones, highlighting ISI's role in a possible attack on him.

Mir had mentioned ISI to be planning for an assault on him.

He had further mentioned in his statement, that in case of an attack on him, ISI Chief, Lt. Gen. Zaheer ul Islam will be responsible.

With this, the Indian media has turned its guns towards ISI and has started formally accusing the prime intelligence agency of Pakistan.


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