Sunday, August 14, 2022

German Ambassador Kobler impressed by extension of health card system


KARACHI: German Ambassador to Pakistan Martin Kobler has become internet sensation by every now and then projecting positive image of Pakistan and highlighting achievements of its government using his social media account.

In one such Tweet, Martin Kobler has appreciated the government’s measure to extend the health card system beyond Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He said he was impressed to see this system in a far-flung area of Pakistan as well.

“Great idea to extend the health card system beyond KP, improving medical treatment of millions of people. Impressed by having seen it even in Shandur with Marion Pfennigs (Youth Ambassador of the German Embassy Islamabad),” he tweeted.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched the first phase of ‘Sehat Card Scheme’ on Monday.

Addressing the ceremony in the federal capital, PM Khan said “eradicating poverty is central to our all policies,” adding that people become poor owing to expenses of their medical treatment.

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“A poor man who makes his ends meet after much difficulty cannot afford medical treatments,” the facility of Sehat card will ease the issues faced by poor citizens, the prime minister continued.

It is not easy to behold a family member suffering from cancer, “when my mother was diagnosed with cancer, we had to take her abroad for treatment as there was no cancer hospital,” he recounted.

Sehat Card Scheme

Under the scheme, the treatment for angioplasty, brain surgery, cancer and other diseases will be done free of cost.

In the first phase, health cards will be distributed in Islamabad and they will be distributed in tribal areas and all over the country in the next month.

At least 15 million people will benefit from this policy. The card holders could receive medical facilities up to Rs 720,000. The medical facilities would be available in more than 150 private and government hospitals.


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