Friday, August 19, 2022

Get rid of smoking, for good!


1.Keep chewing!

When smokers quit, they develop cravings to chew something in their mouth. The presence of a cigarette is felt almost throughout the time hence it is better to keep chewing or munching on something or the other. A pack of chewing gum, hard candy or light snacks would be a good idea. Keep your mouth occupied and soon enough, it will stop missing the missing cigarette!

2.Just the ‘one’

This is how the mind works when you’re body seems intent on giving up any addiction, be it drugs, gambling or cigarettes. Cravings have a way to make their absence felt through desire. Often, you might need a lot of convincing to maintain a safe distance from cigarettes and not even go for one. You might want to convince yourself to just puff one and not another but trust me, it leads to chain smoking all over again! Stay steadfast and firm on your resolve to quit altogether.

3.Delaying tactics might work for a change!

Whenever you might feel the strongest and most compelling urge to light one, delay it momentarily, for around ten minutes or so. Who knows, this delaying tactic might buy you important time during which a distraction might come up, diverting your attention from that cancer stick altogether!

4.Scare yourself into prevention mode!

Look it up on the internet, read health blogs or watch online documentaries on smoking. Trust me, you’re causing trouble to some vital organs when you smoke, your lungs primarily! Alarming facts associated with deaths and injuries caused as a result of smoking will tend to scare you into abstaining from a puff.

5.Physical activity does the trick!

Nothing diminishes or puts away a tobacco craving like physical activity or exercise. Whenever you feel you get the urge to pull out a cigarette, go for a walk. Feel the clean, fresh and vibrant atmosphere around you. Busy yourself in any activity or household chore to pass the time such as cleaning, dusting or decorating.

6.Let socialization take care of the rest!

Smoking is an act that is abhorred generally on account of the uncomfortable smoke and bad breath it gives you. Hence, try to go out and meet people every now and then. In most public places, smoking is prohibited or strongly discouraged. Hang around people who are non-smokers and actually have interests that do not involve inhaling cigarette smoke! This will establish a routine for you in which the role of tobacco and cigarettes will keep on diminishing day by day.

7.Keep your calm, at all costs!

Learn to be relaxed and stress-free most of the times. Learn to control stress through techniques such as breathing, meditating or listening to soothing music. This is important and imperative to quitting smoking as most people find respite in cigarettes when they undergo stress or worry. Hence, the more you avoid stress, the better!

Remember, quitting any addiction is arduous, difficult and almost impossible at first. Only through sheer determination and will power can you succeed in ridding yourself of the menace of smoking.






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