Wednesday, February 8, 2023

‘Ghost of family member’ walks dog, eerie video goes viral


A video of a mysterious figure walking a dog is going viral on social media platforms.

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In the eerie viral video, a pale figure suddenly disappeared in a flash after it appeared out of a cabinet with the family dog. The incident was reportedly caught on tape on the night of January 14.

Matthew Kane and his wife Lauren saw the strange figure while reviewing their CCTV recordings.

“The look of terror that came over my face when she showed me what was going on in the room next to us. It just looked like a tall person walking our dog,” Matthew said. He added that there are antiquities in the cabinet.

Matthew added: “The cabinet’s full of antiques from all over the world and passed away relatives or dead pets, all their ashes and urns.”.

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He believed that the figure was that of ‘a relative or a family member’ as the dog was not alarmed by it. The man said that the figure had a ‘perfectly round head and leaves a trail of light behind it’.

But the family has not figured out a logical conclusion.

The video spread like wildfire and garnered hundreds of comments.

“Usually I’m sceptical, but I feel differently about this because I just can’t explain it. It’s there to see. On the paranormal page it’s still going crazy now. I keep thinking ‘don’t say that’, I don’t want anymore ideas of what it might be,” Matthew said.

Paranormal experts have shown interest in unravelling the incident. Netizens, on the other hand, believe that it is just a person walking the dog.


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