Wednesday, August 17, 2022

‘Ghost with see-through’ legs spotted at bus stop


ZAGREB: In a bizarre incident, a tour guide claimed he has seen a ghost after he snapped a woman with “see-through legs” standing behind a group of nuns at a bus stop in Croatia’s Zagreb.

Ivan Rubil, a tour guide in the Croatian capital Zagreb, was taken aback when he noticed the woman waiting for the bus had see-through legs.

Rubil said that he took them after spotting two nuns waiting at the bus stop. At first, he thought the two were bus conductors.

The tour guide said he took the photo on his phone camera and was surprised when he looked at it closely after 10-15 minutes. One can clearly see the woman wearing the brown coat has transparent legs.

He says his work takes him to all corners of the city, including some “haunted spots”.

“So I uploaded the photo to Facebook and had one of my friend’s comment, ‘There’s a ghost on your photo. I didn’t see it for at least fifteen or twenty minutes – but then I saw it. For a few hours after it was pointed out to me, I was a little bit taken aback,” he explained.

Ivan added that many followers told him it was the fault of his camera. Strangely, he has taken similar photos and has not seen the same result, Times Now News reported.

“I’m still not sure that it’s a ghost, but it was definitely fun! I think ultimately, I do agree with the people who said it was a mistake of my camera, but it’s not easy to explain,” he added.

 Rubil said, “Zagreb is known for its haunted spots and there’s a lot to say when I’m giving these tours.”


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