Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Giant meowing 3D cat projecting on billboard dazzles passersby


A Tokyo billboard with augmented reality high-tech has drawn passersby’s attention by playing the 3D image of a giant cat moving around and meowing for 18 hours a day.

The curved LED screen billboard about 1,664 square-foot in size at the top of a building in the Shinjuku district shows a high-definition, 3D video of the cat walking around, napping and meowing. The activity begins at 7 am until 1 am every day.

One of the companies behind the “Shinjuku cat” billboard, Cross Space, has been live-streaming the cat billboard activity all through the day on YouTube, even in the hours when the display is turned off.

The cat display is designed to draw attention to the new billboard, known as Cross Shinjuku Vision. The website promoting the advertising space states that approximately 190,000 pedestrians pass by the location each day.

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