Monday, May 23, 2022

VIDEO: Giant 124-metre wide sinkhole swallows entire house in Mexico


A huge 124-metre-wide sinkhole that seemingly appeared out of nowhere in a farmer’s field has swallowed entire house in Mexico.

The sinkhole was just 60m wide earlier this month when it had reportedly swallowed two dogs, Spay and Spike. Although the dogs were rescued after a hazardous mission, the pit continued to grow.

Recently, the owners of a house near the hole had to be evacuated for safety. But after they vacated the place, the entire house collapsed 45 metres deep into the sinkhole, according to a UNILAD report.

Footage shared on social media by news agencies shows the massive sinkhole in the middle of an agricultural field.

While the reasons behind its formation are still unclear, Mexico’s civil defence office believes it may have been due to an uncovered river.

The environmental secretary for the region, Beatriz Manrique, said the formation of the sinkhole may have been due to a combination of factors.

Magdalena Xalamihua, a resident of the house that collapsed, said the family mistook the rumblings for fireworks at first. But when they looked outside, they saw the earth moving and water coming in.

Fortunately, the family managed to evacuate the home before it collapsed into the sinkhole.

Following the incident, Puebla’s Mayor Miguel Barbosa has extended his support and promised compensation to the family.

“The meeting with those affected by the sinkhole was agile, active, and direct. The agreements include that the municipality will grant a piece of land and the state government will pay for the construction of a house; in terms of land and crops, the cost and the way to compensate will be evaluated,” he said.


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