Monday, September 26, 2022

Giant spider drags much-bigger goldfish from pond    


A giant spider dragging a goldfish twice of its size from a pond shock a pet owner Jérémy Schalkwijk, 33  as he witnessed the entire scene without putting up any efforts for the rescue.

The incident happened in the Barberton area of South Africa, where a man was showing off a goldfish in his pond to a female friend when suddenly a giant spider grabbed it through its long legs and teeth.

Reports published in British media outlets said that the hungry spider which was half the size of the fish, was, however, seen dragging its prey up the vertical concrete wall at the edge of the pond.

Tour guide Jérémy said although he was horrified, he couldn’t resist capturing the bizarre moment on camera. “‘I’ve never seen anything like that before. I knew that spiders could fish, but never such a large size.”

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He rushed to get Athina to show her what was happening but when they returned the spider and its prey were ‘nowhere to be found’.


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