Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Goat surfing in the seas attracts attention, video goes viral


CALIFORNIA: Would you imagine goats going surfing in the seas to enjoy their time out from daily grazing life. The answer would have been ‘never’ until you watched Goatee doing it as its master taught it surfing because it could not be left back at the house.

This above-mentioned incident has actually taken place in California recently according to a report in a local news outlet. The surfing goat belongs to a person named Dana McGregor. He owns “The Surfing Goats”, which is basically an organisation that gives surfing lessons to humans and critters.

According to his organisation’s official website, they offer packages for those people who are interested in learning surfing. There is an option for the person to choose whether he or she wants to do it with or without a goat. In fact, to make surfing more accessible for all, there is a provision for kids and adults with special needs. They are trained under the organization’s “Beautifully-Abled” Surf Camp.

The event of the goats surfing happened on what seemed to be a very usual day for McGregor. He had finished training a child with special needs at the San Clemente Pier in Orange County, when he decided to go on a surf with his friends. He shared his surfing board with a goat named Piso. His friends too had joined him for the fun ride. While he was at it, huge crowds gathered which included people who were cheering, recording videos and were having a good time watching the rather rare sight.

Reacting on the incident, McGregor told the media portal that this activity is his way of bringing hope and healing to people’s lives.

Soon after this incident, people shared photos of McGregor and his gang surfing with the goat. As expected, the internet was surprised with it and could not keep calm. Soon, enough pictures and clippings of the incident started going viral on the internet. A user on Twitter named Allen J Schaben shared the snaps of the goat surfing.

The stunning images of the goat got people dropping comments like, ‘awesome’, ‘so fun’ etc in the reply section.

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It is obvious to wonder as to how did the idea of surfing with the goat came to his mind. A report in Los Angeles Times describes that back in time, McGregor had a pet goat named Goatee. Whenever he used to go for his day’s work i.e. to do or teach surfing, she would cry very much back at his home. The surfer says that the crying of the goat was so intense that his neighbours used to get annoyed.

As a result, he started bringing Goatee with him and taught her surfing. Soon after,she not only became comfortable with surfing but also became a good attraction for the tourists. So from then on, his goats come with him to the beach and surf too.


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